Wassup Folks!

Yeah I said wassup….

I typically don’t use a lot of slang in my written word but hey, it’s my blog and I use all the damn slang I want!

Seriously though, I’m glad you’re here, because I plan on bringing all types of interesting stuff to the table with this blog.

This blog is actually just an extension of my original blog at RhandellMitchell.com

As the years went on there were a few things about the original blog that I didn’t like. (Like how small the font was)

So after much deliberation I made the decision to bring the blog over to a new theme and give it a new look in hopes that the readability was enhanced for the end user (YOU).

So hopefully you can read this shit…lol.

I apologize if you’re offended by an occasional cuss word or two, because you may find them here from time to time.

It really just depends on how I’m feeling that day.

Anyways, stay tuned… because the best is yet to come!